Kemer Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate teams are bringing new parks to Kemer.

The municipal teams started the park works in the area on Kurtuluş Street in Göynük District with the instructions of the Mayor of Kemer Necati Topaloğlu.

After the area has been cleaned before, the municipal teams roll up their sleeves for the new park, and will make afforestation work by making playgrounds, seating areas, sports equipment, pergolas for children.

It is aimed to complete the works in an area of ​​approximately 2 thousand square meters as soon as possible and make them available to the public.

Making a statement on the subject, Mayor Necati Topaloğlu said, “The people of Kemer continue to receive the services they deserve. We continue to bring new parks to Kemer. We continue to work so that our people can spend time comfortably in the parks with their families. We will continue to change the face of Kemer. People of Kemer keep watching us. " he spoke.

Deputy Mayor of Kemer Hasan Ali Acar stated that they will continue to serve Kemer under the leadership of Mayor Necati Topaloğlu and that they will bring Kemer to the places they deserve.