Kemer Municipality Police Department teams inspected areas where cigarettes and tobacco products are prohibited.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus-fighting process, Kemer Municipality teams have been working uninterruptedly, informing tourists and citizens in the district in order to ensure the continuous and correct use of the mask.

In line with the decisions of the District Governorship of Kemer, the municipal teams, information to the citizens about all the market places and all public transportation stops, Cumhuriyet Square and Mustafa Ertuğrul Aker (Olbia) Park, Kuğulu Park, locations covered by the ban on walking paths and the content of the circular giving.

Making a statement on the subject, Kemer Mayor Necati Topaloğlu said, “We continue our fight against coronavirus at full speed. In addition to the routine disinfection works we carry out as a municipality, our teams inform the citizens in areas where smoking is prohibited. We will tackle this job cooperatively. Let's wear a mask, pay attention to hygiene and keep our social distance. " he spoke.